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How to import your wallet using your secret recovery phrase
How to import your wallet using your secret recovery phrase
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In this article, we’ll show you how to import your existing crypto wallet into Zelus using your Secret Recovery Phrase! Not sure what a Secret Recovery Phrase is? Check out this other article for more info!

Do you have an existing crypto wallet, and you want to access all of your coins and NFTs using Zelus wallet?

Or, did you export your secret recovery phrase from Zelus, and now you need to re-import it?

📱Open your Zelus app

Open the Zelus app and select “Import existing address”

🔡 Enter your secret recovery phrase

You will be prompted to enter your secret recovery phrase associated with your existing wallet. Most wallets allow you to check the secret recovery phrase in security settings, although it is highly recommended to store a copy offline.

Zelus wallet supports seed phrases of 12, 18, 21, and 24 words.

Type in your secret recovery phrase. Ensure each word is separated with a single space when inputting the phrase into the text box. After entering your phrase and making sure that it’s correct, press “Recover wallet”.

🚀 You have now re-imported your wallet!

And that’s all! Now you can view your NFTs and use your coins in your Zelus wallet!

Not sure where to go from here? Check out our walkthrough of the Zelus Wallet for an overview of our features and what sets us apart! 🔥

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