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How to Export Your Secret Recovery Phrase
How to Export Your Secret Recovery Phrase
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In this article, we will explain what your secret recovery phrase is, and why you need to export it and keep it somewhere safe. Then, we’ll break down the process of exporting your secret recovery phrase from your Zelus wallet.

🤫 What is your Secret Recovery Phrase?

In short, your secret recovery phrase is a list of words that stores the information needed to regenerate your wallet’s secret key that is used for sending transactions. Access to your secret recovery phrase grants access to the coins and NFTs in your wallet. Check out this article for more information!

Why should you export your secret recovery phrase and keep it somewhere safe? Because access to your secret recovery phrase grants access to the coins and NFTs in your wallet, it’s important to never share it, and to keep it saved somewhere safe! However, if you lose access to your wallet (for example, if you lose your phone), importing your wallet again using your secret recovery phrase is the only way to get access to those funds again!

How do I export and save my secret recovery phrase? Follow the steps below!

🏰 How to Save your Secret Recovery Phrase

Open your Zelus Wallet and navigate to the Hub

Open the Zelus app on your device and tap “Hub” on the navigation bar at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Open your Security Settings

While on the “Hub” page, tap the upward arrow button in the middle bottom of your screen - this is known as the Context Menu Button. This will bring up the navigation panel. From there, tap the “Security” tab.

Go to your Secret Recovery Phrase Settings

Tap the “Recovery phrase” card to enter the recovery phrase settings page.

Reveal and Export Your Secret Recovery Phrase

Once you’re on the “Recovery Phrase” page in your security settings, make sure that nobody is around, and then press the “Tap to View” button to reveal your recovery phrase. Your 12-word recovery phrase will then appear. Each word has a number next to it - make sure to write the words down in numerical order - otherwise, your phrase will be incorrect, and you will not be able to use it to recover your wallet if you lose it.

We recommend writing your secret recovery phrase down on a piece of paper and keeping it somewhere safe, but if you want to put it into a password manager or other piece of secure storage software, you can copy the phrase to your clipboard by pressing the “Copy” button.

How do I re-import a wallet into Zelus with my secret recovery phrase? We explain it in this dedicated article.

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