How Do I Sell an NFT From My Wallet?
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Do you want to sell one of the NFTs in your wallet but don’t know where to start? We got you covered - by the end of this article you will know not only how the process looks like but also a bunch of platforms where you can list your collectible to increase the chances of a quick sale.

🏟 Choose a platform

Your journey to selling an NFT starts with choosing a platform. Most people choose to sell NFTs on marketplaces and, in our opinion, these are usually the easiest and safest place to start. The actual marketplace will depend on the type of NFT you’re selling (visual art, video, music, game collectible, etc.), the network on which the NFT was minted (created) and the fees involved.

For this example we will be using OpenSea: it is compatible with most NFT types and mainstream networks, and works with reasonable trading fees. Some other popular marketplaces to check are Rarible, Binance NFT, Coinbase NFT, and SuperRare.

🛍 Selling an NFT using OpenSea

On OpenSea, navigate to the top right of the page and click on the profile icon to log in/sign up. Use WalletConnect to connect your Zelus wallet to your OpenSea profile - now you should be able to see all your NFTs from this platform. Not familiar with WalletConnect? That's okay! Check out our how-to guide for WalletConnect :)

Select the NFT you would like to sell from your wallet. On the top right of the item page, click ’Sell’.

You'll be taken to the listing page, where you can choose the price and type of sale. You can also set a duration for the sale by choosing a default duration or setting a custom duration using the calendar.

In case you already know someone interested in buying your NFT you can choose to reserve the item for this specific buyer by switching the toggle next to ’Reserve for specific buyer’ and inputting their address.

After that you will be asked to confirm your sale by signing a transaction. Once your listing is complete, you'll see a pop-up confirmation like the one below. You are all set! You may start receiving notifications from interested buyers from this point.

Please note that, if this is the very first time you sell on OpenSea, you’ll need to initialize your wallet. Additionally, if the NFT you're selling was not originally minted (created) on OpenSea but through another platform there may be an additional approval and signature required to allow OpenSea to trade this NFT on your behalf.

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