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WalletConnect: How to Connect Your Wallet to Dapps
WalletConnect: How to Connect Your Wallet to Dapps

For example, to NFT Marketplaces

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What is WalletConnect and what can I use it for?

WalletConnect is a secure communication bridge between Wallets and Dapps (Web3 Apps).

The vast majority of Dapps require users to connect a wallet to log in. This is because Dapps may use your wallet to authenticate you, or to have you send or sign transactions.

As an open protocol - not owned by any particular company and not limited to a particular company's products- WalletConnect is a popular choice among most wallets and Dapps. The process is simple and highly secure as all information exchanged is encrypted.

How do I use WalletConnect?

  1. On Zelus Wallet, tap on the Connect icon at the bottom navigation menu (as shown in the image below).

  2. Tap on ‘Scan QR code’ to activate your mobile device’s camera and scan the QR code from the Dapp you want to connect your wallet to.

  3. Zelus Wallet will ask you to confirm that you actually want to connect to that specific Dapp. Slide to complete the connection.

  4. The Dapp will instantly recognize the connection. You are all set!

What is a signature / signature request?

Digital signatures are a fundamental building block in blockchains, used mainly to validate exchanges between two parties, for example between you (owner of your wallet) and a Dapp. It is a security measure to confirm the identity of both parties and what is it that will be exchanged.

When you are about to take certain actions, a Dapp will request you to sign (confirm) that you want to proceed. Signature requests will show up as notifications on your Zelus Wallet. You can either slide to confirm or choose to cancel.

What is a transaction / transaction request?

Transaction requests are a specific type of signature requests needed to validate actions that cost you money, e.g. purchases or transactions of a digital token. Transaction requests will also show up as notifications on your Zelus Wallet and will indicate the amount and currency you will pay. You can either slide to confirm or choose to cancel.

What networks are supported for WalletConnect?

Currently Zelus Wallet supports Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche networks. We are working hard to extend this list to more networks in the near future.

What does changing the network for a WalletConnect session do?

Some Dapps are compatible with multiple networks (multiple blockchains) and, in those cases, Zelus Wallet allows you to choose the network you want to connect through. Each network operates in different currencies and transaction fees might differ.

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