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How Zelus Helps You Getting a Coin Not Available for Direct Purchase
How Zelus Helps You Getting a Coin Not Available for Direct Purchase
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If you want to acquire a coin that isn't directly available for purchase in the app, Zelus wallet will guide you step by step through the process of obtaining a relevant native coin and swapping it for your desired cryptocurrency – all swiftly, without leaving the app.

Let’s delve into the specifics of how this process unfolds.

👉 This walkthrough contains screenshots illustrating the purchase of Tether (USDT) on Polygon, but the steps are similar for other coins.

Finding out the shortest (and cheapest) path to the desired coin

Start by pressing ‘Buy’ from either the central button or the specific coin’s detail screen for your intended purchase. When you select a coin not directly purchasable through our providers, Zelus will display an informative message and suggest the native coin to purchase instead.

Why a native coin?

Native coins are the prime currencies of their respective blockchains, all available directly in Zelus: Ethereum (ETH), Matic (MATIC) for Polygon, Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL) and more. Swapping a native coin typically requires no added approval steps and incurs minimal fees, ensuring a quicker and cost-effective process.

Calculating the amount of native coin you will need

The first thing to figure out is how much native coin you will need to complete the process. After pressing ‘Start’, you'll access a buy-and-swap calculator. The native coin sits atop, while the target coin at the bottom. Type amounts in either input field, and Zelus wallet will compute the relevant equivalent, along with a final native coin amount accounting for estimated applicable fees. (Refer to the ‘Understanding Fees’ section below for more details.)

If you don’t have enough native coin to complete the operation, the app will lead you through a series of screens through which the purchase of native coin can be made. You will be able to choose the exact amount, as well as your preferred payment method.

If you already have the necessary amount of native coin, tapping ‘Continue’ will skip this first step, the native coin purchase, and bring you to our built-in swap feature directly, facilitating the exchange of native coin for your desired coin.

Buying the recommended native coin

Remember: network fees can shift rapidly! (Read more about network fees here.) To avoid potential shortfalls due to sudden fee changes, we recommend rounding up your purchase amount.

Navigate the screens to finalize the purchase: indicate amount and payment method. Your wallet address auto-populates, eliminating the need to backtrack. Don’t forget to review purchase details before confirming.

After submission, it may take a few minutes for the coins to appear in your wallet. You'll receive a notification upon completion.

Swapping the native coin for the end coin you desire

With the native coin in your wallet, the remaining step is the swap. Zelus wallet streamlines swaps within the app, including background searches for optimal prices across decentralized exchanges.

Initiate the swap in various ways:

  • Tap the notification banner upon the native coin arrival to your wallet,

  • Tap the central button, select ‘Swap’, or

  • Navigate to the native coin for swapping, tap ‘Swap’.

Ensure ‘Swap From’ is the native coin, ‘Swap To’ is the target coin, and specify the swap amount. Details of the transaction, including swap type (same-chain), minimum received amount, and associated fees, will be displayed. Review all information on the ‘Preview Swap’ screen and, if satisfied, confirm the swap.

After submission, it may take a few minutes for the desired coin to arrive in your wallet – ready to use!

Understanding Fees

Let's talk fees. Our crypto exchange providers apply certain fees to buy crypto. And swapping coins means network fees, often known as gas fees, come into play. These fees ensure smooth transactions on the blockchain.

Transparency is our priority. Due to network fee volatility, we cannot display exact fees at the start of this two-step process. However, we do present estimated fees upfront and at every step before confirmation. It’s all about keeping you informed.

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