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How to Enable Face ID & Touch ID
How to Enable Face ID & Touch ID

Learn how to add extra security to your wallet using biometric authentication!

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🧬 Biometric Authentication

Most modern smartphones support Face ID or Touch ID by default. Many people already use these to protect their phone, so that anyone who tries to open their phone has to complete Touch ID and Face ID.

For an extra layer of security, Zelus Wallet allows you to enable Face ID (or Touch ID, if your device supports it), so that each time your wallet is opened, you're required to complete Face ID or Touch ID before your crypto and NFTs can be accessed.

Step 1: Navigate to the Hub

Open the Zelus Wallet on your device and tap “Hub” on your navigation bar - it will be in the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2: Go to your Security Settings

Once you’re on the “Hub” page, tap the Context Menu Button - this is the upward arrow button in the middle bottom of your navigation bar. This will bring up the navigation panel. From there, tap the “Security” tab.

Step 3: Enable Face ID

Finally, toggle the switch on the right side of the “Face ID” tab to enable Face ID for your Zelus wallet. You will be required to pass a Face ID check before the setting is enabled. Note that to turn the feature off, you'll have to pass Face ID again.

The next time you open your wallet, you’ll be asked to use Face ID before accessing your wallet. And that’s it - now you’re ready to go, and your wallet is protected with an extra layer of security!

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